Things to do - general

Eskişehir is located in Central Anatolia. It has housed many civilizations such as Hittite Empire, Roman Empire, Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire…Many ancient geographers describe  the city as one of the most beautiful in Central Anatolia

It has one of Turkey’s largest Organised Industrial Zone. Eskişehir produces trucks,  railway locomotives, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals  and refined sugar. The city has rich underground resources such as magnesite, chromium, boron, clay, marble and meerschaum.

Places to see in the city; Old houses in Odunpazarı, Museum of glassware arts, Porsuk River… It has a very delicious cuisine, especially Çibörek is one of the favorites.

Country Türkiye


Sarp Heliport                                              : 200 Euro + Tax

Bilecik Vitra Heliport                                : 200 Euro + Tax

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