Istanbul Airport Transfer

Transfer from Istanbul Airport to your destination

Istanbul Airport Transfer

General Information


Istanbul is a metropol city. 16 Millon people lives in this huge city. From one side to other side approximately 100 KM.  Istanbul Airport  is located in the nort side of  center.  Distance to city center is 48 KM. As in every big city there is huge traffic  And in rush hours it may take around 2 Hours.

For that reason the fastest way to reach to airport is to get a Helicopter Transfer. From city center helipads to Istanbul Airport it is just 15 Min. We can also arrange fast track service and you will not wait in long cues. You will have your coffee in lounge and have rest while waiting your boarding.

Some of the Helipads in Istanbul ;

                Cıragan Kempinski Palace Helipad

                Raffles Hotel Zorlu Center Helipad

                Divan Hotel Taksim Helipad

                Emaar Hotel Helipad

                Wydham Grand Levent Helipad

                Point Hotel Helipad

                Kaan Air Helipad

                Atatürk Airport Helipad



Our route to final destination will be shortest way. But If you have time and want to see the city we can add a short tour route to our flight.

Please let us know your decision at reservation.



* How lond does it take to reach to Airport or City Center?

                It is just 15 Min from city center to Airport.


* How Many person can you get in Heli?

                We have different types of helicopter in our fleet. We can offer you maximum 9 Seat capacity in one helicopter.


* Where can you drop us?

                It depends to your request. Just let us know your final destaination and we will organiza the closest point to your hotel.


*Is it possible to transfer us to a another airport?

                Yes we can do. From Istanbul Airport to Sabiha Gökcen Airport or any other one...


*Is it possible to get our luggage with us ?

                For Helicopters maximum takeoff weight is very important.  At reservation we will ask you how many person are you and how many luggages do you have and what are their weights. With this information our captains will work and let us know if we can get your luggage or no.