Great Birthday Memory

Istanbul Helicopter Tour as a Birthday present

Great Birthday Memory

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Great Birthday Memory


   I had helicopter ride birthday present for my wife's birthday. We were on vacation in Istanbul on wife's birthday and I wanted to give her a very special gift which will be a nice memory for her.

   I heard about helicopter tours in Istanbul and helicopter ride birthday present would be a great gift for her. She liked Istanbul very much and it would be very nice to watch this beautiful city from the sky. I have talked with the company about the helicopter ride birthday present prices and the flight details, then made our reservation.

   The next day we went to the heliport for our flight and my wife was very suprised. Flying by a helicopter and watch the city from the sky was very enjoyable. We were enchanted by the view we saw. Istanbul is really beautiful city. Our pilot was also very good and he gave us informations like a tour guide about the places we saw which were Topkapı Palace, Maiden Tower...My wife was so happy and I was happy too. I 'm sure that helicopter ride birthday present was a great gift for her.