Historical City Istanbul

Topkapı Palace Helicopter Tour Istanbul

Think about a city which roots comoes from thousand years before. If you try to count these cities in world maybe Istanbul will be in first 3 of them. 

When you look to Anatolia you can realize that people live in Anatolia 12,000 years before. So if history starts from here Istanbul has to be effected from these people. Ofcourse this beatiful city is also effected. While Marmaray was constructing they found out that over Sirkeci area people lived 8,500 years before. Ofcourse some of them still standing some of them fall down. It is worth to see this close history monuments with our eyes while you are travelling to Istanbul. One of the mysterious monuments is Hipodrom. Nowadays you can’t realize the borders of the area. But from the sky you can see the shape and borders. So we call Helicopter Tour Istanbul to organize a private flight for us over Historical peninsula to see these beauty. It was really easy to get a reservation Just we let them our full names and hotel name for transfer to the Helicopter base. A nice car arrived on time to pick up us. Approximately in 30 Minutes we arrived to  the base.Before we get on the Helicopter Mr İbrahim explain us some security information about Helicopter. Our pilot is also very gentleman. He explained and showed the monuments. And I am sure that when you come up to Historical Peninsula you will get shocked which you will see. It is 100%worth to do that. Looking to city from another view brings you different feeling. Our flight was for 25 Minutes and It is the best duration for Istanbul.

We have to thank to Helicopter Tour Istanbul and their staffs starting from the reservaiton department to our pilots.

Hope to fly again with you