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Antalya is along the coast of Mediterranean Sea .  It is the sixt  largest city in Turkey. Turkey’s most ancient cities are located in Antalya. The city has housed many civilizations from prehistory to the present day such as Lycia, Lydia, Pamphylia, Pergamon, Roman Empire, Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire .

Every year tourists come to Antalya for beautiful beaches, golf sport and historic sites. It is one of the best in Mediterranean Region. Some of the important historic sites in the city ; Hadrian’s Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Perge ancient city, Limyra ancient city, Aspendos, Phaselis, Myra…  Also  the city’s nightlife is well known(especially night clubs in Kemer).

The city offers you magical historic sites, beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife,  delicious foods, and  lots of accomodation alternatives  from 3 star hotels to 5 star luxury hotels and holiday villages by the sea or in the hearth of the city. To explore this beautiful city, fly with us.

Country Türkiye


Rixos Premium Hotel Heliport       : 175 Euro + Tax

Antalya Airport                                : 125 Euro + Tax


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