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The Gallipoli Peninsula is located in Çanakkale city. It has an old history like Troy. The Gallipoli Peninsula is an important place in the history  where  Battle of Dardanelles took place (World War I) . There are lots of sunken ships, castles, shields, war graves and memorials in this Peninsula. Also it has a lot of Archaeological sites and monuments which are belong 4000 BC. It’s also so close to the Troy Ancient city and Assos.

Thousands of Turkish and foreigner tourists come to visit Gallipoli every year. Some of the important places  which are in the Gallipoli ;  Çamburnu, French Memorial and War Grave, Çanakkale Martyrs Monument, Anzac Memorial and War Grave…

24 -25 April is known as ‘’Anzac Day’’. Thousands of Avustralian and New Zealand citizens come to Gallipoli to visit the Anzac Memorial and War Grave on 24-25 April every year.

Country Türkiye


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