It was designed by the American company “Bell Helicopter Textron” in 1952 and its mass production started in 1956. This type of helicopter produced for military transportation is also known as the UH-1 Iroquois. It has also been used for search and rescue, transportation and training purposes.

It is known that more than 16,000 UH-1 type helicopters have been produced to date. It was first used in real combat conditions by the US Army during the Vietnam War. About 7000 of these helicopters, nicknamed “Huey”, served in Vietnam.

The UH-1H, which was originally produced for military use, received much more attention than expected and was also used for civilian purposes. Huey, one of the most “famous” helicopters in the world, is still available in many countries today. UH-1 helicopters, which have been used in Turkey since 1970, have been included in the inventories of the Turkish Air Force, Turkish Land Forces and Gendarmerie General Command. The UH-1 Huey’s skeleton structure is based on the Bell Model 204. It is powered by Lycoming T53-L-13B 1400 HP Turboshaft engine. There are two bladed main and tail rotors.

AD The UH-1H helicopter with serial number 66-17072, which is in the inventory of the Aviation Museum, was manufactured in 1967. It was used for the air transport of the “Bees” strike team during the Vietnam War. On the last of these flights in Vietnam, the helicopter that was hit by a rocket in the air was heavily damaged during the forced landing, but the crew escaped unharmed. For this reason, a real “Vietnam Veteran” has been accepted. On the front of the helicopter, there is a large yellow “BEE” figure that is identified with the strike team it serves. It is one of the very few UH-1H helicopters brought back to the United States after the Vietnam War. The UH-1H, serial number 66-17072, was repaired at the Bell factory and later flown through various ranks of the US military. The Vietnam Veteran UH-1H, which is in a flightable condition.

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EskişehirEskişehir is located in Central Anatolia. It has housed many civilizations such as Hittite Empire, Roman Empire, Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire…Many ancient geographers describe  the city as one of the most beautiful in Central Anatolia It has one of Turkey’s largest Organised Industrial Zone. Eskişehir produces trucks,  railway locomotives, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals  and Read more

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